Interesting and talented people from the four corners of the web

Douglas Crockford

Presenting: Server Side JavaScript

Photo of Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur, best known for his ongoing involvement in the development of the JavaScript language, and for having popularized the data format JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). He is currently a senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo!, and is also a writer and speaker on JavaScript, JSON, and related web technologies.

Addy Osmani

Presenting: Tools for jQuery Application Architecture

Photo of Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is a popular JavaScript Blogger and a senior independent developer based in London, England. He is also a member of the jQuery Bug Triage and Front-​​end teams where he assists with community updates, releases and bugs. Addy’s passion lies in helping spread knowledge about JavaScript and jQuery best practices, coding techniques and open-​​source projects in the community. He achieves this through numerous free online talks, articles and resources which he releases each month.

For more on Addy’s work, check out his official website AddyOsmani​.com for tutorials, jQuery​.com for his community updates and magazines such as .NET for his thoughts and commentaries.

Follow Addy on Twitter: @addyosmani

Tom Hughes-​​Croucher

Presenting: Lessons from a coding veteran

Photo of Tom Hughes-Croucher

Tom Hughes-Croucher is a web developer and Chief Evangelist at Joyent. Tom has contributed to a number of web standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the British Standards Institute (BSI). He has worked for and with numerous well known brands including Yahoo!, NASA, Tesco, Three telecom and UK Channel 4. He is currently writing "Up and Running with Node.js" for O'Reilly Media.

Follow Tom on Twitter: @sh1mmer

Nicole Sullivan

Presenting: Performance of CSS3 & HTML5

Photo of Nicole Sullivan

Nicole is an evangelist, front-​​end performance consultant, CSS Ninja, and author. She started the Object-​​Oriented CSS open source project, which answers the question: how do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? She also consulted with Facebook and the W3C, and is the co-​​creator of Smush​.it, an image optimization service in the cloud. She is passionate about CSS, web standards, and scalable front-​​end architecture for large commercial websites.

She co-​​authored Even Faster Websites and blogs at stubbornella​.org.

Follow Nicole on Twitter: @stubbornella.

Dave Balmer

Presenting: Rockstar graphics with HTML5

Photo of Dave Balmer

As a Senior Software Engineer with Palm Developer Relations, Dave is a JavaScript guru currently focused on mobile app development. He is the creator of four JavaScript application frameworks, including Jo, which is a lightweight solution for cross-​​platform mobile apps.

In his spare time, Dave designs and writes games, makes music, and writes.

Follow Dave on Twitter: @balmer

Stephen P Anderson

Presenting: Sustaining Passionate Users

Photo of Stephen P Anderson

Stephen P. Anderson is an internationally recognized speaker and consultant based out of Dallas, Texas. He recently published the Mental Notes card deck to help product teams apply psychology to interaction design. Between public speaking and project work, Stephen offers workshops to help businesses design fun, playful and effective online experiences. He’s currently writing a book about “seductive interactions” that will be published by New Riders in 2011.

Follow Stephen on Twitter: @stephenanderson

Jeremy Keith

Presenting: Jeremy Keith’s Hot Topics

Photo of Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith is an Irish web developer living in Brighton, England where he works with the web consultancy firm Clearleft. He has written two books,DOM Scripting andBulletproof Ajax, but what he really wants to do is direct. His latest project is Huffduffer, a service for creating podcasts of found sounds. When he’s not making websites, Jeremy plays bouzouki in the band Salter Cane. His loony bun is fine benny lava.

Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @adactio

Brian Fling

Presenting: Six rules to designing amazing mobile apps

Photo of Brian Fling

Brian Fling is an authority in the field of in mobile user experience and designing for multiple contexts. He has worked with hundreds of businesses from early stage start-​​ups to Fortune 50 companies to leverage a variety of mediums, like mobile devices, to design for the needs and context of real people.

Author of O’Reilly Media’s Mobile Design and Development: Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps, Brian goes in depth into the design principles involved in creating compelling mobile experiences for this new era of multiple devices and context. As well as explore the rapidly growing area of how to easily design and build a mobile site and web app, how to deal with devices practically and how to translate an experience to a variety of mobile devices.

Brian is a frequent author and speaker on the issues on mobile design, the mobile web and mobile user experience, teaching people how to leverage mobile all over the world. Brian is also the founder and president of pinch/​zoom, a design and development agency specializing on mobile experiences helping clients like Best Buy, Lonely Planet and others dive into the world of mobile.

Follow Brian on Twitter: @fling

Martin Beeby

Presenting: IE: the story so far

Photo of Martin Beeby

Martin Beeby works for Microsoft where he talks to developers about HTML5, Phone Development, and open source in big business. Martin has been developing websites since he was 16 and over the past 12 years has worked on projects with many Major brands including The Sun, The Daily Mail, Ministry Of Sound, National Rail Enquiries, Easy Jet and Tesco.

Follow Martin on Twitter: @thebeebs

Jonathan Stark

Presenting: The mobile frameworks landscape

Photo of Jonathan Stark

Jonathan Stark is a mobile and web application consultant who the Wall Street Journal has called an expert on publishing desktop data to the web. He is the author of O’Reilly’s Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is a tech editor for both php|architect and Advisor magazines, and is often quoted in the media on internet and mobile lifestyle trends.

Jonathan began his programming career more than 20 years ago on a Tandy TRS-​​80 and still thinks Zork was a sweet game.

Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @jonathanstark

Relly Annett-​​Baker

Presenting: What people want from mobile content

Photo of Relly Annett-Baker

Relly Annett-​​Baker lives in a leafy market town with her husband and two small sons. As a result, she eats far too many cakes from Waitrose and can be guaranteed to stand on Lego at least once a day. As well as being content strategist and content writer for Headscape, she is employed as live-​​in domestic staff by two cats. She also writes articles and jabbers on about copy to anyone who will listen, creates scrapbooks, and continues to procrastinate over the draft for her book, a guide to creating web content for designers and developers, to be published in Spring 2011 by Five Simple Steps. She better finish this biography before her editor spots she isn’t writing her book again.

Follow Relly on Twitter: @RellyAB

Brian Suda

Presenting: Visualising Data

Photo of Brian Suda

Brian Suda is an informatician residing in Reykjavík, Iceland. He has spent a good portion of each day connected to Internet after discovering it back in the mid-​​01990s. Most recently, he has written a book on the topic of charts and graphs entitled Designing with Data. His own little patch of Internet can be found at suda​.co​.uk where many past projects and crazy ideas can be found.

Follow Brian on Twitter: @briansuda

Bruce Lawson

Presenting: Native multimedia with HTML5,

Photo of Bruce Lawson

Bruce evangelises Open Web Standards for Opera. He’s currently working with the British Standards Institution to draft the new Standard for commissioning accessible web sites and writing a book about HTML5. Previously, he’s been front-​​end technical lead for the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority web sites, tutor to a princess’ daughter in Thailand, a movie extra in Bombay, and a tarot card reader in Istanbul. He blogs at brucelawson​.co​.uk, drinks Guinness and is training for a blue belt in kickboxing.

Follow Bruce on Twitter: @brucel

Lea Verou

Presenting: Mastering CSS3 gradients

Photo of Lea Verou

Lea Verou is a front-​​end engineer currently living in Greece. She discovered programming at the young age of 12 (web development a few years after) and it was love at first …line. In 2008, she co-​​founded Fresset Ltd, whose websites have attracted a large following in the Greek internet scene, they are currently working frantically on their first international project.

Fed up with the lack of proper web development education in Greece, she co-​​organised a university course which teaches all aspects of modern, standards-​​based Web development, including CSS3, HTML5 and ES5 as regular parts of its content.

During her spare time, she blogs about CSS, JavaScript and web usability at leaverou​.me.

Follow Lea on Twitter: @LeaVerou

Daniel Burka

Presenting: Designing the First Fifteen Minutes

Photo of Daniel Burka

Daniel is a user interface designer based in San Francisco by way of Canada. He was the creative director at Digg for several years, he was a co-​​founder of a startup called Pownce, he continues as an inactive partner at the design firm silverorange, and he’s designing the UI for a game called Glitch. Daniel is passionate about designing web apps with vibrant communities. Lately, he’s especially interested in using game design techniques to engage users, especially as they learn new and complex systems.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @dburka

Michael Mahemoff

Presenting: HTML5 offline for fun and performance

Photo of Michael Mahemoff

Michael Mahemoff is a Chrome Developer Advocate for Google, based in London, always looking at ways to make the web a more habitable place for users and developers alike. He’s been programming on the web since the mid ’90s, in a range of public-​​facing and enterprise (Java, what else?) contexts, and is the author of Ajax Design Patterns (O’Reilly, 2006) and a blogger for Ajaxian​.com. Server side, he’s mostly a Ruby, PHP, and NodeJS guy and sushi is his preferred coding fuel. Michael holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, covering software design patterns for improving user experience.

Follow Michael on Twitter: @mahemoff

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis


Photo of Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis is the founder of W3Conversion, a web design company with a passion for web standards. A front-​​end developer, Stephanie created the CSS Starter Layouts in Dreamweaver CS3 and recently updated for DW CS5. Her passion for sharing knowledge has led her to write books and tutorials, pen a bi-​​monthly column for Web Designer Magazine, train corporate web departments, and speak at numerous conferences. Stephanie is the WaSP liaison to Adobe Systems, working with product managers to ensure the output of its web products continues to move toward today’s web standards. An admitted workaholic who rarely leaves the office, she frequently escapes to talk to the people inside her computer via Twitter. Her hobby, if only she had time? Studying brain function. Her guilty pleasure? Eighties music.

Sebastian Deterding

Presenting: Don't Play Games With Me

Photo of Sebastian Deterding

Sebastian Deterding is a designer and researcher usually flown in for some thorough German grumpiness. He speaks and publishes internationally on gameful design, persuasive technology, and the social contexts of games at venues such as the Gamification Summit, Gamescom, reboot, or Google. His work has been covered by The Guardian, the LA Times, The New Scientist, and EDGE Magazine among others. When not designing, he pursues a PhD on the motivational psychology of ‘gameified’ applications at Hamburg University.

Follow Sebastian on Twitter: @dingstweets

Andy Clarke

Presenting: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Photo of Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke’s been called many things since he started designing for the web over ten years ago. His ego likes words like “ambassador for CSS”, “industry prophet” and “inspiring”, but he’s most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman once called him a “bastard”. He runs Stuff and Nonsense, a small web design company that specialises in designing highly usable and attractive websites.

Andy’s a renowned public speaker and presents at web design conferences worldwide. He teaches web design techniques and technologies through his own workshop masterclasses, and is the author of two best-​​selling books, Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design, and more recently, Hardboiled Web Design. He writes a popular blog, And All That Malarkey, mostly about the web.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @malarkey

Tom Coates

Presenting: A New Network

Photo of Tom Coates

Tom Coates is a technologist and writer who focuses on new product development, the web of data, location services and social software . He’s worked for many of the web’s leading companies, including Time Out, the BBC—where he ran a small R&D team focused on future media—and Yahoo! where he was Head of Product for the Brickhouse incubator and developed the Fire Eagle location sharing service. Now independent, he lives in San Francisco and works as a freelance product designer and consultant.

Follow Tom on Twitter: @tomcoates

Paul Annett

Presenting: Alpha.gov.uk

Photo of Paul Annett

Paul Annett has over 10 years‚ interaction design experience, including five spent as a Senior Designer at award-​​winning UX agency, Clearleft. In the summer of 2010 he co-​​founded content & design agency Supernice Studio Ltd. Paul and his wife, Relly Annett-​​Baker, have recently been working on the Alpha​.gov​.uk prototype for the UK Government.

Hannah Donovan

Presenting: Designing without the browser

Photo of Hannah Donovan

Hannah Donovan is a Canadian interaction designer living in London. She led design at Last​.fm for five years, and before that worked agency-​​side designing digital campaigns. Since leaving Last​.fm this spring, Hannah’s become an independent product designer focused on ways to make music better on the web. When she’s not busy with new work, Hannah contributes to spacelog​.org and plays cello with a real orchestra as well as a comedy orchestra.

Follow Hannah on Twitter: @Han